Build an AI-Powered Micro SaaS Application: Step-by-Step Guide.

Learn How to Build an Artificial Inelegance Micro SaaS Application with a Step-by-Step Comprehensive Tutorial Guide.

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# Introduction <p className="border p-4 rounded-md bg-muted flex gap-2"> <span>💲</span> <span>The course is offered at a discounted rate because it was created in 2023. Please note that some of the information provided may be outdated and could require adjustments to align with the latest technologies.</span> </p> Learn **how to build an AI-powered micro SaaS application.** Step-by-step guide. This guide aims to teach you how to build micro SaaS applications that incorporate **Artificial Intelligence** using cutting-edge technologies. The guide covers a range of topics, from creating a project in **Next.js** with a **Supabase** database to handling payments using **Stripe** and integrating AI models. By the end of this guide, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to build micro SaaS applications powered by **AI**. The guide covers a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, SQL, Supabase, Stripe, OpenAI, LangChain, and Railway. <p className="border p-4 rounded-md bg-muted flex gap-2"> <span>ℹ️</span> <span>The information provided isn't limited to AI-based applications only. You can apply these concepts to non-AI-based applications as well, making this guide a versatile and valuable resource.</span> </p> It is worth noting that this guide is designed for individuals with some coding experience. While this guide provides step-by-step instructions, it might feel overwhelming for complete beginners. If you want to learn how to build an AI-powered micro SaaS application, this guide is for you! ### Example application If you're looking for inspiration, [MetaGenieAI →]( is an excellent example of the kind of application you can build by following the instructions in this guide. As for non-AI-based applications, this website was built using the guide's information. ### What Separates This Guide from Free Content Available on the Internet? This guide takes a comprehensive and structured approach to teaching you how to build AI-powered micro SaaS applications. Unlike many free resources that provide only fragmented information, this guide covers a range of topics from project creation to payment handling and AI model implementation, providing you with a complete and thorough understanding of the process. This guide provides step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and understand, unlike many free resources, which can be difficult to navigate and comprehend. ## Lessons This guide covers the following topics: - Creating a Supabase project - Creating a Next.js project - Initializing a Supabase client - Creating a user profile - Creating a Postgres function - Creating a trigger - Row-level security and policies - Supabase service key - Creating a Stripe customer - Supabase webhooks - Creating Stripe products - Handling purchase - Stripe webhooks - Creating a navigation component - Creating a generate page - Initializing an AI model - Styling AI Output - Deployment - Activating payments Additionally, you will also learn about: - Prompt engineering - Prompt chaining - User Authentication with GitHub - User Authentication with Google - Privacy & Terms - Cookie Consent - Drive Traffic ## Technologies This guide mainly focuses on the following technologies: - TypeScript - Next.js - SQL - Tailwind CSS - Supabase - Stripe - OpenAI - LangChain - Railway ## Structure ``` 📁 components └ 📄 Navbar.tsx 📁 lib └ 📄 supabase.ts 📁 pages ├ 📁 api │ ├ 📁 purchase │ │ └ 📄 [priceId].ts │ ├ 📄 create-stripe-customer.ts │ ├ 📄 generate.ts │ └ 📄 stripe-hooks.ts ├ 📄 _app.tsx ├ 📄 _document.tsx ├ 📄 generate.tsx ├ 📄 index.jsx ├ 📄 pricing.tsx ├ 📄 signin.tsx └ 📄 signout.tsx 📁 public 📁 styles └ 📄 globals.css 📄 .eslintrc.json 📄 .gitignore 📄 next.config.js 📄 package.json 📄 postcss.config.js 📄 tailwind.config.js 📄 tsconfig.json ``` <p className="border p-4 rounded-md bg-muted flex gap-2"> <span>⚠️</span> <span>It is important to note that while this guide provides comprehensive instructions and covers various essential aspects of building AI-powered micro SaaS applications, it cannot guarantee the success of the product you build following its steps. The success of a product depends on numerous factors, including market demand, competition, execution, marketing strategies, and more.</span> </p>